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Chalfont St. Peter Youth Centre

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What's On


The Chalfont St Peter Youth Centre provides an action packed

programme of structured and 'open' style activities. These include:

Talent events

Inflatable obstacle course

Sumo suits


Sporting events i.e. Cricket, Football, Basketball




Board Games

Table Tennis


Group Challenges


Xbox 360

Air hockey

Table football


Sports court (basketball and football)

Tuck shop

Film production


Music Quizzes

Physical and Mental Challenges




The activities are varied and will meet the needs of all who wish to attend. There are also opportunities to speak with the volunteers about any issues that may be of concern.


There is a £1 entry cost for each attendance and a £10 per annum membership cost for those who wish to become members after having visited the centre on two occasions. The majority of income that the Chalfont St Peter Youth Centre receives is from grants but a significant amount is raised through fund raising. The weekly entry fee and the annual subscription income is ploughed back into the Youth Centre to provide and enhance the resources to support the delivery of excellent youth work in our community. Given its 'inclusive policy' no young person will be denied access because of affordability. Sensitive arrangements will be put in place where and when necessary.

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Monday nights at the Youth Centre provides a full programme of a range of dynamic and fun-filled activities. It is an opportunity to meet with friends who have gone to different schools so that relationships are maintained after Year 6. Our members attend various schools including independent, grammar, secondary and Special Schools in and around the area. The evenings can be noisy (up to 80 plus young people each session), especially during the famous 'Monday Night Challenge' but there is ample time and opportunity for quieter activities and discussions. The Monday Night Team Leader is Jack James and he is supported by Helen Watkins, Lily Young and Zara Hussain.

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Wednesday nights at the Youth Centre are busy as young people enjoy each other's company taking part in various conversations, 'hanging-out' and a range of exciting activities. The atmosphere is 'chilled' with music playing in the background, a tuck shop and various opportunities to enjoy the facilities such as the gym, table tennis, pool, sports and much more. The volunteers provide the highest level of pastoral care and are always available to talk to and take on during various challenges.The Wednesday Night Team Leaders are Lucy Hamill and Kate Newhook.

Thursday nights at the Youth Centre are punctuated with high octane energy as members enjoy a feast of different activities, programmes and creative events. The internet cafe is particularly busy as is the Sports court. The atmosphere is leisurely but can be very energetic especially during the 'Thursday Challenge' sessions. A number of activities are extremely popular with this group - especially sumo wrestling and inflatables. The volunteers provide superb support and are always available to talk to and seek advice.

The Thursday Night Team Leaders are Matt Young and Scott Brooks.

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Membership Form

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