“On average more than 50 volunteers each week support the work of the Youth Centre”

about us

Our Team

Every team member is a volunteer – this includes not only those who deliver the youth work but the Management Committee and those who support the administration. The team comprises a diverse group of volunteers from different backgrounds, ages and gender. The youngest regular volunteer is aged 13 and the most senior is 65 plus! On average more than 100 volunteers each week support the work of the Youth Centre. This equates to over 10,000 volunteering hours each year.

Our volunteer’s professional backgrounds include:

  • Students studying GCSE’s, A Levels and degrees
  • Retired engineer
  • Probation Officer
  • Senior Managers
  • Teachers
  • Charity workers
  • Personal Assistant
  • Child care
  • Solicitor
  • Parents
  • Councillors
  • Graphic designer
  • Accountant
  • Social work

All volunteers involved in youth work delivery complete an application form, produce references (validated), undergo DBS registration and receive appropriate inductions and briefings. Regular training opportunities (i.e. Child Protection, First Aid, Basic Youth work) are provided and volunteers also receive appraisals to support their development.