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Chalfont St. Peter Youth Centre

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Our Vision


Our vision is to create the best local resource for young people that will allow them to feel safe, achieve great things for themselves and others and enjoy the journey into adulthood.


We Value:



From all generations and the unique contributions they make to each other in building a sustainable community.

Excellence in all that we do. We will do everything with a sense of professionalism, pride and total commitment, but never at the cost of excluding people.



The CSP Youth Centre is a community of people working to our common aims and everyone is deserving of respect and friendship. Likewise we recognise that we are part of the wider community of Chalfont St. Peter and we serve for the benefit of this wider community.



We believe that a collaborative approach is the best way of delivering our objectives and we will work at developing new and enhancing existing relationships.



All are welcome, regardless of background, belief, gender, ability or sexual orientation to participate in the activities of the CSP Youth Centre. The CSP Youth Centre will be a safe haven for all.

The CSP Youth Centre

will be a safe haven for all