Sad Boy - Counselling

“A chance to TALK and be HEARD. It's FREE and


Counselling is a confidential, safe environment where you can explore your experiences and begin to understand them better, helping you to cope with problems in a positive way.

Counselling IS:

  • Private and confidential
  • Time and space for you
  • Talking over a problem
  • Being listened to & heard
  • Helping you sort out confusing thoughts
  • Helping you work through difficult feelings
  • A chance to be yourself

what’s more - it can sometimes be good fun.

Counselling is NOT:

  • Getting advice
  • Being told what to do
  • Being given all the answers’ by an expert
  • Being judged
  • Like school
  • Like talking to a parent
  • As scary as you might think

The Way-in Counselling service